If someone says it's too early for Halloween, cut them out. You don't need that negativity in your life.


Sure this may make me sound like a basic witch, but I LOVE Halloween. It just makes me happy. In fact some might say my house has a slight Halloween theme to it, I mean I've got taxidermy bats (ethically sourced, promise!), paintings of Frankenstein and Lily Munster, my whole house is painted gray. It's a whole thing.

So Halloween time for me isn't just a time to buy decorations (even though they're my favorite decorations ever), it's also a time to get some home decor. Usually September is when I can start my spooky shopping! Well imagine my surprise when I walked in to look at patio furniture, and instead WALKED OUT WITH HALLOWEEN DECOR IN JUNE!

I stopped by the At Home Store on Evansville's east side and saw literal AISLES of Halloween decor.

I even brought home this cheese board because it says "Rest in Cheese" and that really speaks to me.