Hairball's guitarist/lead singer Bobby Jensen's hair caught fire, and he never missed a beat!

The 2014 Grand Slam Charity Jam
Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Hairball is coming to the Victory Theatre on March 9th, and if this doesn't convince you of the kind of incredible show you'll be seeing, then I don't know what will! You see Hairball doesn't just put on concerts. They put on parties, that are drop dead accurate homages to the greats in arena rock. They take you back in time, and play your favorite tunes. They aren't lying when they say that they're a "bombastic celebration of arena rock."

At a show in Sioux Falls recently pyro went off and a spark set Bobby Jensen's hair on fire! But the thing is, HE NEVER SKIPS A BEAT! Not a single note, riff, or lyric is a miss. They had just started playing Kiss' Detroit Rock City and Bobby is in full Paul Stanley mode when the fire happens.

His guys quickly rush onto the stage and put him out without skipping a beat. Safe to say Hairball puts on an amazing show!

Hairball is coming to The Victory on March 9th, and we hope to see you there and hope to see Bobby with a full head of hair and not on fire!



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