When working in an office, stealing someone's food is considered especially heinous. The people who usually investigate these crimes are known as Human Resources. This is one man's story. *Dun Dun*

After an office worker noticed snacks going missing from his office, he decided to set up a sting to catch the thief in the act. Setting up a webcam on his computer, he decided to record the night cleaning crew to see who was stealing his office grub.

After catching the thief in the act, he decided to change his screensaver to call them out. After a few laughs from his coworkers, the office clears out and the cleaning crew comes in.

Before the thief can even see the evidence against them on the computer screen, a "Law and Order"-esque twist takes place and the thief's coworker spots it first. After alerting the thief to their caught-in-the-act stardom on the victim's screensaver, he decides to come back dressed as a ghostbuster.

Stealing someone's office snacks or even worse, their lunch, is unforgivable. The only office crime that comes close, are the people who take the last of the coffee and don't forget to make more.

Hungry, or decaffeinated, people aren't to be messed with. Check out the video of the crime in progress and the thief's reaction to being caught. You might have to quote the great Ice-T and say "That's messed up."