Before you hit the Woodmere Disc Golf Course on the State Hospital grounds this Saturday for our first ever Spring Fling Disc Golf Tournament with iPhone Todd and the Ace Eagle Disc Golf Club, get a crash course on how to play the game from local pro, Matt Kern.

Disc golf is much like the regular game of golf in the fact you have an 18 hole course (in this case the "holes" are metal baskets), with each hole providing its own challenge and set par score. The difference of course being you're using rubber discs instead of golf balls to advance through course.

Both myself and my buddy Bobby G from our sister-station 103GBF wanted to get out and give this thing a try before the tournament on Saturday, so with the help of our Live Events Coordinator, Melanie Leach, we contacted Matt to see if he'd be willing to give a lesson. Fortunately for you, our Digital Managing Editor, Ashley Sollars tagged along with video camera in hand. It went about as well as expected.