A machine gun stolen from an Indiana police station by the gang of legendary mobster John Dillinger is on its way home this week.

According to the Associate Press, the FBI will return the .45-caliber Thompson submachine gun that Dillinger’s band of thieves swiped from a northwestern Indiana police station on October 14, 1933 back to its rightful owners... the Auburn police force.

To help celebrate, Police Chief Martin McCoy has extended an invitation to the public to attend a ceremony at the DeKalb County Courthouse on Thursday afternoon.

Reports state that Dillinger’s gang stole the machine gun as well as bulletproof vests, ammunition, and several other guns. The stolen arsenal was later seized by the Tucson Police Department in Arizona and surrendered to the FBI.

John Dillinger was a depression-era mobster, who was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. During his time, he was instrumental in robbing over two-dozen banks and four police stations, including the Auburn police department.

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