The voice of Chester Bennington is timeless, and his former bandmates in his pre-Linkin Park band Grey Daze are bringing some of his vocal magic back to the forefront with a new album, thus completing a project idealized before the singer's 2017 death. Today, we present to you this exclusive short film chronicling the making of the upcoming Grey Daze album.

In the documentary-style short, Bennington opens the film teasing a Grey Daze reunion show in Arizona, where he lived prior to moving to Los Angeles to join Linkin Park. Sean Dowdell, Grey Daze's drummer and Chester's business partner in Club Tattoo, says the seeds of this project were born with Bennington's call that he wanted to put the band back together for the show.

Speaking about the decision to revisit Grey Daze music with Bennington's repurposed vocals, Dowdell recalls, “As soon as he passed, it was Oh my God I lost my friend and Oh my God, my friend’s wife is now a widow and his kids are now fatherless and there were all these emotions. But there was still part of me that was like, Oh my God, we didn’t get to finish what we started together."

He continues, "About six or seven months [later], I started some conversations and said, ‘You know what, I really want to finish this album.’ We’re not going to accept mediocrity. We going do our friend proud. We’re going to make Chester proud and make absolutely sure that this is something he would have been absolutely elated to put out.”

Guitarist Cristin Davis adds, “Everything we do is through a lens of, ‘What would Chester think of this and would he be okay with this?’”

Bennington's mother, Susan Eubanks, also appears in the film, recalling the first time she heard some of what Grey Daze were working on. “It made me proud. The first time he sent me a video or just a tape of Chester and I just sat there and cried," she recalls. "I actually sat there and asked, ‘Before he died, did he re-record this?’ He was like, ‘No, we just enhanced it.’ I can’t believe it.”

In addition to the members of Grey Daze, the album features contributions from those close to Bennington. Korn's Brian "Head" Welch says, “The range, the power. It sounds like he’s in his prime. He’s at his peak. I get chills when I hear his voice on this project,” while fellow guitarist Munky adds, “It’s a way to say thank you and we’re gonna miss you and we’re going to be part of something that he was a part of. It’s just really an honor to have an opportunity like that.”

In addition, the album also allows Bennington to collaborate with his son as Jaime Bennington also turns up on the project. “I think it’s more of a cathartic experience now,” says the younger Bennington.

Watch the Grey Daze short film on the making of their forthcoming album at the top of the page. And check out the recently released song "What's in the Eye" from Grey Daze featuring Chester's vocal from when he was 17 right here.

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