Warmer weather means getting outside to enjoy the great outdoors. It also means nature has woken from her winter slumber. Insects are flying again, leaves have returned to the trees, and your once brownish-yellow grass has returned to its lush green color. That also means it's time to break out the mower and keep that grass in check every once in a while. But if you live in the Evansville city limits, it's important you make sure to keep an eye on where those grass clipping shooting out of your mower land, or it could cost you.

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke's office issued a press release Monday morning reminding residents to remove any grass clippings that blow into the street along their property and that failing to do so puts them in violation of city municipal codes which can lead to a fine.

Why It's Important

According to the press release, clippings blown into the street can cause a couple of problems. The first being they can easily find their way into storm drains on the street. This can lead to clogs keeping water from draining properly. And we all know, if water can't go down the drain, it will find somewhere else to go, like your yard or across the street.

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Clippings can also be hazardous to motorists, particularly motorcycle riders. The clippings prevent the tires from making solid contact with the concrete and therefore could cause the rider to lose control if their bike begins to fishtail.

The easiest way to keep as many clippings as possible out of the street is to make sure the chute where the grass comes flying out is pointed away from the street for at least the first few passes you make. That likely won't keep all the clippings from going into the road, but it should limit the majority of it. You can get what does blow out there with a broom or leaf blower.

[Source: City of Evansville Press Release]

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