In a classic example of life imitating fiction, Google's parent company has filed a patent that should look familiar to fans of Futurama.

In a season 6 episode, titled "Attack of the Killer App", the crew has eyePhones injected directly into their eyeballs. It was a parody on the smartphone obsession that started with a certain computer company that has a fruit logo (I'm unsure of how litigious they are).

However in a weird example of life imitating fiction, Alphabet (the parent company of Google) has filed a patent for an electronic device that is implanted in the eyeball. Fair warning, clicking on the link will expose you to nightmare inducing photos of how they would like to implant the device.

Now I like having new technology. Who doesn't? But I think I draw a very fine line at anything involving surgically implanted. Did no one watch Terminator?

In the filed patent paperwork, it is stated that this eye-implanted technology could be used on people who are experiencing decreased eyesight due to age or disease. So rather than having Netflix stream right into your retina (stay tuned for that patent), this technology could help people see better.

Sometimes science is cool, but they really need to stop developing the flavored Oreos.

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