Ice cream is one of those things that generally the more odd the flavor, the more it piques my interest. I'll give any kind of of flavor of ice cream at least one try. Well, I believe I've found one flavor that I won't try. How does breast milk ice cream sound to you?

Breast milk ice cream is no longer available in England.  Local authorities in London have pulled the unusual frozen delicacy off the shelves of The Icecreamist in response to public complaints over whether the shop should be selling edibles made from human body fluids.

The Icecreamist launched their newest and boldest flavor of ice cream on Friday, and claimed it sold out by day's end, even at a pricey $22.50 a serving.

Now the "Baby Gaga" ice cream will be tested for diseases such as hepatitis.  If it comes up clean, it's possible The Icecreamist will be allowed to continue to sell it.

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