The Old Courthouse Catacombs are back with a new theme and it's even more terrifying than ever! Watch as Kat & Chynna walk you through a sneak peek of "The Upside Down."


The Old Courthouse Catacombs are a Halloween staple in Evansville and each year there is a new theme, scarier and creepier than the last. This year's theme is based loosely on 2 hit TV shows - Game of Thrones and Stranger Things so you'll see influences from both show in "The Upside Down." One thing in particular that will make an appearance more than once as you go through the Catacombs is a Demogorgon, the terrifying creature from the Upside Down. Chynna and I survived and we think you will too, although you may or may not. It was pretty damn scary!!!

You can purchase tickets online at and your combo ticket will get you into the Catacombs and the House of Lecter all night long the night of your visit. You an also keep listening to GBF for your chance to win - we'll have tickets leading up to Halloween!



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