We put on our best cowboy hats to help out our friends at the United Way, and invite you to join us! 

103 GBF
103 GBF

Last week Kat and I posted a photo to our Instagram of us wearing cowboy hats. Many commented scratching their heads, wondering what in the world we were up to. Someone even asked if GBF was switching to a country station! But no worries, rock music isn't going anywhere on GBF! We went country for a few minutes to join our friends at the United Way of Southwestern Indiana, and now it's your turn!

Check out GBF's sweet dancing skills in the video below, and give our Facebook video a "like" then take the challenge yourself! We'd love to see you do the #GitUpUnitedChallenge and join the fight with us to support the United Way of Southwestern Indiana, because chance doesn't happen alone!  Click here to read all the rules of the Git Up Challenge! We can't wait to see yours!! Tag us in them or share them to our Facebook!



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