Gator's fans said they "Won't Back Down" from LSU on Saturday as an entire stadium paid tribute to Tom Petty.


(The Gators totally lost this game, by the way. But it's the thought that counts.)


Tom Petty was originally from Gainesville, Florida. So it seems fitting that this tribute would happen in his home state.


Typically, from what I understand, the Gators usually sing their fight song "We Are the Boys From Old Florida" between the third and fourth quarters. After they did this on Saturday though, they broke out into a stadium-wide rendition of Tom Petty's "Won't Back Down". No matter what side you were rooting for, Florida or LSU, everyone was singing.


Here's what the Florida Gators official twitter posted:



And here's the full video of the song:



What I love the most about this whole thing is that, at first, everyone was just enjoying listening to Tom Petty. Then it progressed to clapping along....Then some people kinda started singing along....and then "HEEEEEEEEYYYY, BABY!!!! THERE AIN'T NO EASY WAY OUT!!!"


Sometimes you just can't resist the power of the Petty.

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