When it comes to musical mashups, I'm pretty critical. A lot of times when you hear a mashup of two popular songs they sound just sort of ok, especially if they are from different genres of music but occasionally, someone comes along with one that just works flawlessly.

When I stumbled across the Fleetwood Mac + Red Hot Chili Peppers mashup from BYNX on TikTok, I was immediately hooked and I knew that I needed to share it with you too. BYNX has over 833,000 followers on the social sharing app and there's no question why after you hear "Dreams" mashed up with "Otherside." At the beginning of the video, there's a banner text across the top that reads "songs that were meant for each other" and I have to say, BYNX isn't wrong here.

That little snippet had me hooked so I needed more. I followed his Linktr.ee to Soundcloud where I was able to listen to the whole mashup.

That's where I learned that DJ & Producer, BYNX, who's real name is Chris Patrick, is a native of Los Angeles, California who "presents the sound of Deep Melodic House and Indie Nu Disco with a few influenced sub genres of electronica and funk." He started mixing in 2008 in a one-bedroom apartment and in 2010 he had the opportunity to perform live at Coachella.

Now, if you're looking to fall down the rabbit hole, check out some of his other mashups, including Blink182 x The Weeknd, Green Day x Adelle, and The Ramones x Bear Claws.



I told you - it's a rabbit hole. Once I started listening to them, I just couldn't stop. I think my favorite of all of the mashups that I heard from BYNX has got to be this mashup of Nine Inch Nails "Closer" with Billie Eilish "Therefore I Am."

Learn more about BYNX and his music by following him on TikTok and Soundcloud.


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