The mayor of Evansville extended the mask mandate for the city for another week. This means that when in an indoor, public place you must wear a mask. It also means that when outdoors, in a public space you must wear a mask if you cannot maintain 6 feet of social distancing. Retailers and chains across the country are requiring their shoppers to wear masks before entering their businesses.

I know there are some of you reading this that are cheering for these mandates and their are others who still stand firm that you shouldn't have to wear a mask, that is somehow infringes on your rights. And that's fine. You are free to feel that way but please remember this:

When you walk into the store to buy your groceries or to pick up a quart of oil or whatever the case may be, the employees that remind you of the mask policy are not your enemy. They are not the bad guy. They are people who are likely working minimum wage jobs to try to make ends meet and they've been doing that job through this entire pandemic.

So while you've been sitting at home complaining that you shouldn't have to wear a mask, these people, including my own daughter, have been face to face with people who may or may not be caring the virus for the sake of continuing the supply chain and making sure you can buy your groceries. These people show up - and mask up - to make sure that you can buy that new TV because yours decided to finally go out. These people show up so you can get your caffeine fix at 7am and these people, they are someone else's child. They have moms who love them, families who care about them, pets that depend on them. They have lives and they matter. While it may not matter to you, because wearing a mask is just so inconvenient for you, it matters to someone else. It matters to me. Put on a mask.

❤️ The Mom of a Frontline Worker

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