Would you get the reference (without Googling it) if I were to say that Frank Caliendo is a modern-day Rich Little? I just wanna know what type of audience I'm working with here. The point is Frank Caliendo has proven himself to be one of the most versatile impressionist in the world.

For a long time now, Frank has done a lot of work in the world of sports - something he is obviously passionate about. He is perhaps most well known for his impression of John Madden. It's so good that you sometimes can't tell which one is John or Frank. Well here we see him taking on some of the personalities over at ESPN. And as a guy that watches of lot of sports and a lot of ESPN - these are really friggin' good. His impressions are not only spot on, but they are funny too, as he (and his many characters) present this mockumentary for Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman.

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