On Tuesday ESPNU became ESPN8 "The Ocho" for 24 hours, airing odd sports that you'd normally never see on tv, and some I had never even heard of.


Named after the fictitious ESPN channel in the movie 'Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story', ESPN8 brings you "the finest in seldom seen sports since 1999. If it's almost a sport, we've got it here."



For some reason NOW seemed like the perfect opportunity for ESPN to finally make "The Ocho" happen for a day. I don't know what made a Tuesday in August 2017 so special, but I'm not complaining.


"It's a bold strategy Cotton. Let's see if it pays off for 'em."


The day started off simple, with Disc Golf and Roller Derby....then it got interesting with Skyzone Ultimate Trampoline Dodgeball. Which is just as cool as it sounds.




Then there was the  Firefighter World Challenge XXV. Then Kabaddi. I have no idea what Kadabbi is, but it looks like some sort of epic Red Rover/Wrestling thing...    





Next up was darts (where a fan tried to steal the trophy mid match), an arm wrestling championship, the "championship of bags" aka: Cornhole, and a Street Fighter world championship. Because esports classify as "almost a sport".


My favorite part of the day though, was the Moxie Games. One, because I didn't know what it was. I think a lot of people were generally confused when they saw this on the schedule. Then we started watching and IT. WAS. THE. GREATEST.


It's just weird games you kind of need "moxie" to be good at like a rock, paper, scissors world championship' Headis (table tennis, but the ball is bigger and you're only allowed to use your head), bottle flipping.





and my new favorite sport: Sepak Tekraw (No Hands Volleyball)




Dear ESPN,

I know this was only supposed to be a "one time thing", but I really don't want it to be. Can we make "the Ocho" a year-round thing? Because it was THE BEST. You have 4 different channels devoted solely to football. I think we can make sacrifice one of those to make "the Ocho" a permanent fixture.


Someone who fell in love with the Moxie Games.


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