Chris Jericho is known for more than just being a wrestler, he also has his own rock band, Fozzy. They've been teasing a new single for a while now and dropping hints on Instagram over the last few weeks. A few weeks ago they were spotted on Instagram at our very own Holiday World, and it had us wondering, what was Fozzy doing in Santa Claus, Indiana?

Well they were filming the music video for their new single 'Sane.'  On Tuesday we got a teaser from Fozzy that showed them riding The Voyage, while singing 'Sane.'  They announced the new video would be out on Friday, May 28th.  Today the music video was released and I was excited to see just how much our own Holiday World was featured in the music video and it turns out, Holiday World is featured a whole lot! The entire music video was filmed with the band riding The Voyage. It's so awesome to see the Tri-State's own Holiday World in a rock video!

The music video opens with an aerial view of Holiday World, where you see the true essence of the park, bendy colorful water park rides in the background with a wooden coaster featured prominently upfront.  The video then cuts to a close-up of Chris Jericho upfront in The Voyage and behind him you see guitarist Rich Ward wielding a guitar on The voyage. If you know anything about those wooden coasters, they aren't guitar-friendly.

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Around the 3-minute 18 second mark of the video you see a slowed-down shot of The Voyage coming down the big hill, and the guitar being thrown over the side.  I'd love to see an after-shot of what the guitar looked like when it landed!

Holiday World shared a video they took of Chris Jericho talking about the coaster, and he said they road The Voyage 6 times, and then sang the coaster's praises.  I love the classic wooden coasters as much as the next person, but phew talk about a brain-boggle being on one 6 rides in a row!


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