So what is "fowling" you ask?  Well first off, it's pronounced "foe-ling" it rhymes with bowling.  It's basically a combination of bowling, meets cornhole, meets football, and it looks like a ton of fun.  In Indianapolis there's a fairly new bar called The Fowling Warehouse, and they're bringing the fowling fun to circle city.

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On their website, they say that the game of fowling was actually invented at the Indy 500, so it's only appropriate that in the city it was invented there's now a huge warehouse catering to the game.  The Fowling Warehouse also has two 45-foot bars serving up over 100 different brews. They have 33 lanes to get your fowling on. Here's what their website says about what all they offer:

A destination for individuals, couples, small groups or large events, The Fowling Warehouse™ Indianapolis is a great time out for anyone. The Fowling Warehouse™ Indianapolis is 50,000 square feet and features 33 Fowling™ lanes, two 45 foot bars, beer garden seating for 200, the Mystery Beer Machine™ vending services, The BONK™ Board and The BONK™ Honk. Fowling Warehouse™ Indianapolis takes reservations for groups, corporate outings and events. We are open 7 days a week and have weekday leagues available.

Until today I had never heard of Fowling, but it does sound quite fun. The object of the game is to knock down all of your opponents pins before they knock down all of yours.  Like in cornhole each team alternates throwing, so you'll throw, then your opponent will throw, then your teammate, then your opponent's teammate etc... This goes until someone's pins are knocked down. For games like this my friends and I usually wager the next round of drinks on the losing team haha!

If you're interested in visiting The Fowling Warehouse in Indianapolis, you can find all their info on their website, here.


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