Halloween is coming up on Thursday, and it looks like you may want to make sure you costume has layers this year.


Weather has been all over the place lately. It seems we get one beautiful day day with warmer temps and sunshine, and then the temps drop and rain rolls in the next, but that's the beauty of the midwest isn't it?

Halloween is on Thursday this year, and aside from it seeming like it's going to be a dreary day anyways with rain, and possibly even some flurries, the good news is the rain should be out of the area in time to trick or treat.  However there is bad news, the bad news is by that time the temperatures look like they'll be around the 30s at that time.

Here's what Southern Indiana Weather has to say:

Ready for more rain this week? Wednesday and Thursday look like pretty nasty days. As of right now, it does appear that the rain will have worked out of the area for trick or treating time, but data crashes the temps at trick or treating into the low to mid 30s across the area! And we'll be right under the core energy of the upper Low at the same time. So even with the moisture gone, that kind of upper energy can oftentimes find some remaining moisture to squeeze out. That said, don't be shocked if we see some snow flurries out of this Thursday evening. Nothing major, just flurries. Either way, it's going to be cold for trick or treating, so bundle up.

Halloween is my favorite day of the year, so I'm a little bummed to hear about how chilly it's going to be, but that's okay! I'll just make some mulled cider in the crock pot while I hand out candy! So if you're taking little ones trick or treating, or maybe you just like to go all out on Halloween, be sure to bundle up!

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