Dave Grohl, you've truly outdone yourself...


"Run" is the Foo Fighters first single since 2015. I didn't realize it had been that long until I looked it up. It was getting to be around the time when people would start to question "Hey, when was the last new song we heard from the Foo Fighters? Has it really been two years...?" But before that thought could even fully form in our heads, we woke up this morning with a surprise waiting for us. New music! AND a music video, directed by Dave Grohl, to go with it! It's Christmas in June! Thanks Grohli-Claus!


The first time I heard this song was watching the music video. So, when it started out soft I was like "Aw, cute! Old Foo's performing in a retirement home!" And then that part hit (you'll know) and I was like "OH....Oh my god....This is awesome!"


No news yet on when their new album will be coming out, but according to NME the Foo's have been, and will continue to, spend a majority of 2017 (in between concerts and festivals) recording the album. And if the album is anything like this first single, it's going to be amazing.


The Foo Fighters are officially BACK and BETTER THAN EVER.


WARNING: This music video contains senile anarchy, old lady boobs, extreme vaping, and orderlies getting tea bagged. You have been warned.


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