Who doesn't love a good road trip with sights to see along the way?  I don't know about you, but I love a good road trip. To me there's nothing like hitting the road and heading to a fun destination. Sometimes though the road trip itself can be the most fun part, many family memories have been made on road trips.  There's a Google Map you can use to get to the most haunted places in Kentucky all in one road trip.

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OnlyInYourState.com created the map, and it looks awesome. The full trip will take 9 hours and 15 minutes and will take you in a 500 mile loop. It will take you to 10 seperate haunted locations in Kentucky. It definitely sounds like something you'd want to take a few days to do so you can enjoy the haunted stops.  The loop also begins and ends in Louisville starting out at the Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, and ending back in Louisville at the Seelbach Hilton.  Of course famous Kentucky haunts you already know of like Waverly Hills Sanatorium, and Mammoth Cave made the road trip map as well. 

I don't know about you but this sounds like the perfect vacation to me. Travel around, see some spooky sights, and stay in some haunted bed and breakfasts.  plus it'd be a way to explore parts of Kentucky you may not have thought about.  Check out the road trip map, here.

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