OK, so there has been a lot of discussion about my purse. All of my friends, including Chad, tease me to high heaven about the absolute disaster inside whatever bag I carry. In the intro article he wrote about me, Chad even mentioned the time he turned my purse upside down, and all the contents came showering out.

But you know what? If you have any kind of emergency, beauty, health, logistical, I got you! Move over Mary Poppins!  Mary-Katherine is here to save the day.  Here are five important things I keep in my magical yet frightening purse.

Mkat Maddox
Mkat Maddox

1.Phone charger

This may be a no brainer to some of you, as I am sometimes late to the game. However, during a busy season of life going from work to meetings to rehearsals and practices, I inevitably lose contact to the outside world by the end of the day. So, I decided to start carrying a charger with me. Often at those rehearsals, someone hollers "Hey, anybody got a charger?" MKat to the rescue!!

2. Tape measure

I started carrying a tiny tape measure back during COVID when stores closed their dressing rooms.  That way, I could see if a dress or shirt would fit me without trying it on. Just measure around your chest and divide that in half. Then, measure across the front of the shirt from armpit to armpit. If it's the same number, it will be just the right size shirt for you! I also use it to measure furniture or artwork I like to see if it will fit in my house. I know my cell phone has a tape measure, but I am a little old school sometimes! You'd be surprised how often it comes in handy, and it is little bitty. So, it doesn't take up much room!

3. Fingernail clippers

I cannot stand a hangnail! If I can't immediately clip it, it will distract me all day until I get home. Or I'll mess with it until it's worse.  They also come in handy for random strings or tags.

4. Briarpatch mints

These powerful bad boys will fix any after lunch funkiness. Strong and sweet and can withstand living in the dark depths of my bag without attracting "purse dirt" like gum does. You know what I mean, ladies! They are also free with my favorite salad bar in town.

Mkat Maddox
Mkat Maddox


5. Gas Relief!

Um... enough said! If not for yourself, then for others. Which is also still for yourself if you think about it!

Now, there is a whole next level of preparedness with the things I keep in my vehicle.  We're talkin' wipes, Super Glue, a small drugstore, and lots of activity books for my son, Rollins to name a few.  What handy things do you keep in your purse or car? Anything you'd recommend in case of emergencies big or small?


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