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Who doesn't love Star Wars?  It's a classic tale, that continues to evolve and grow with each generation of fans.  This week alone a brand new Star Wars themed series, The Mandalorian launched on Disney+ (truth be told, it's the only reason my husband and I got the new streaming service).

So with all the Star Wars talk lately, I had a friend recently share a Stormtrooper decanter with me, and I thought it was so cool, that I ended up falling down a rabbit hole of Star Wars themed bar items. As a lover of Star Wars who also enjoys an adult beverage from time to time, I wanted to buy all of them to put into my own bar at home.  It also hit me that these would make the perfect gifts this holiday season for the Star Wars mega fan in your life, and not to mention they're functional so they can help fully stock your bar (which is sometimes necessary to help you get through the holiday season).

So here are 5 Star Wars themed items to help fully stock your bar.


1) First off the item that inspired this blog. The Stormtrooper Decanter. This guy is not only functional, it also is just a cool piece to have sitting on your bar.

2) Millennium Falcon bottle opener


3) This set of Death Star drinking glasses (that might I add look about perfect size for a nice whiskey pour).

4)This Boba Fett beer stein is perfect to use while watching The Mandalorian (you know because bounty hunter roots and all). This stein also comes in other characters like BB-8 C-3PO, R2-D2, Darth Vader, and a Stormtrooper.

5) This set of silicone ice molds to make your ice shaped into a perfect tiny Death Star.  Imagine sipping your favorite whiskey with these bad boys in your drink.




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