Returning Christmas gifts is always a PAIN in the butt. But, it's fun to pick out what I want. There are some stores that (understandably) have strict return policies and some that are a bit nicer when it comes to taking back items. So, I wanted to give a shout out to the companies who demonstrated some really great customer service even under large amounts of traffic. 

I went over to the East side Target to return an item that I looked up online. The product could have come from anywhere really but Janet at Target East Side customer service was really nice about it and gave me full price. Some places give you the lowest price point that year. You know someone paid $29.99 for those jammies and you get the 99 cents in-store credit. I also have a Red Card (debit) that gives me 5% off all purchase, free shipping, and I don't need to keep a receipt to return stuff.

Walmart's return center is great (except for the lines). They are pretty much no questions asked. I bought an item that broke in the first couple minutes of buying it. I took it back - they apologized and gave me a full refund. I mean, you'd think that would be standard at any retailer, but it's not. For instance, Coleman charges a 15% restocking fee even if you received a broken item! WHAT?!

Ashley S
Ashley S

Santa brought this cute little trace toy to my daughter for Christmas. My daughter has kind of grown out of the princesses and has moved on to big girl toys. I really like that this toy shows astronauts, firemen, and superheroes, but all the faces were boy faces. She likes these things but wanted a girl face, so I went to the website and inquired if they offered the toy for girls. A couple of days later, Lisa, from their corporate office called to let me know that the only similar toy they had was a princess/fashion themed one. She also took the time to explain what the company Melissa and Doug was planning for 2017. They'll be offering more options for girls that highlight superheroes, medical professionals, police officers, and other stereotypical boy toys. Then, she offered to send me a similar product to try out. That's awesome!

If you have a pet, you should just go ahead and check out this site now. Not only do they offer pet products at a very low price, they have a GREAT customer service department. Every time I've had a question, they call me and walk me through it. They are great about returns and even sent a hand-written thank you note to one of my friends who uses chewy also.

I can't keep up with receipts. I just can't. Luckily, all you need at Old Navy is the card you paid with. They look it up and give you the full amount back. Rock on!

So, did you have any great customer service experiences this holiday season? I'd love to hear them!


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