Valentine's Day is coming up, here's some date ideas that don't involve dinner.

Most Valentine's Day dates involved dinner, so that's a given.  Here's some more adventurous date ideas to try this Valentine's Day!

1) Throw an axe

Plaid and Timber in Evansville is a new axe throwing range in town. It'd make your Valentine's Day both fun, and a little dangerous.

2) Break things

Evansville has a rage room where you can smash all kinds of things, from printers to wine glasses.  It sounds therapeutic honestly.

3) Learn to cook

Thyme in the Kitchen on Franklin Street offers a variety of cooking classes. While it may be a bit late to sign up for one on Valentine's Day (check their schedule, here) a fun date would be learning to cook a nice meal together. Plus I've heard their meals are delicious!

4) Classic arcade and chill?

High Score Saloon usually makes these lists and there's a reason for that! They're a fun place, located in the heart of downtown Evansville within walking distance from several delicious restaurants. Plus you can enjoy your favorite arcade games and pinballs while enjoying a cold beer, my kinda night.

5) Create Something

Board and Brush is a DIY wooden sign workshop where you can decorate wooden signs for your home. You could also sign up for a painting class at Painting With a Twist. Both ideas are fun for a different kind of date night, and you'll end up with a cool piece to put in your home.

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