Picture it.
Driving through any midwest rural area and you see a cow.
What's the first thing that comes out of your mouth?
Yep, that's right...

Growing Up a 'Cow' Girl

Dairy cows were kind of a big part of my childhood. Long before I was born, my grandparents owned a dairy barn in Northern Wisconsin. My grandfather was also a logger so he'd get up really early and go milk the cows and then cut down trees all day then go home and milk the cows again. Blech. Sometimes when I think life is getting to be too much, I think about my grandfather milking those cows and I immediately remember that whatever seems overwhelming is pretty much just a speck.

Though I didn't grow up with the cows, I grew up in that barn with all the old milking equipment. So, when a few years ago I had the pleasure of touring Cheney's Dairy Barn outside of Bowling Green and seeing how (almost everything) is computerized and run by robotics, I thought about how much my grandpa would have enjoyed seeing it - and sleeping in.

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Francis Lindauer & Sons Dairy Farm
Francis Lindauer & Sons Dairy Farm
Francis Lindauer & Sons Dairy Farm
Francis Lindauer & Sons Dairy Farm

Francis Lindauer and Sons Dairy Farm Hosting 2022 Free Open House

If you've never been to a working dairy barn, I highly recommend it. Educating yourself and your kids on how their food is produced is important. And you can do that (for free) this Saturday, June 25, 2022.

In a Facebook event, the Lindauer family is welcoming the general public to their barn for an open house:

The Lindauer family welcomes the general public to tour the farm and learn about the dairy industry on Saturday, June 25 from 10 am - 2 pm.
Bring the entire family to see a dairy operation in full swing and enjoy some kid's activities including a corn pit, interactive activities in our observation room, and free pizza & ice cream!
Before the Open House begins, there will be Cow Yoga on the Farm from 9-9:45 am. $8 to participate (first 10 to sign up get a free t-shirt). If you don't have a yoga mat, bring a beach towel or blanket. All are welcome, this class will be a little morning stretch with a little mooing. Must be 14 to participate. Yoga instruction will be provided by certified yoga instructor Andrea Schnaus. To sign up, private message Melanie Lindauer.
Francis Lindauer & Sons Dairy Farm
Francis Lindauer & Sons Dairy Farm

Where is the Francis Lindauer and Sons Dairy Farm?

Cuteness Overload - Imagine Cuddling with These Unique Miniature Cows Bred in Illinois

Warning: The following pics will make you want to buy a cuddly mini cow. These are up for auction from Pandarosa Miniature Ranch. You can learn more about them and find out when more are available HERE.

There's A Farm In Kentucky Where You Can Hug And Play With Fluffy Cows

Just a short drive from Evansville is a farm where you can hug and play with fluffy cows, and they are adorable.

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