Tired of seeing photos of what people had for dinner or their constant check ins at the gym. Facebook may be adding the next best thing to a 'dislike' button. 

Long before Mark Zuckerberg first hinted in an interview back in 2010 that he was considering adding one, Facebook users have been begging for a "dislike" button. The closest thing users now have is the ability to hide posts on their newsfeed.

But soon Facebook will be asking you "Why" you hid a certain post. When you hide something now Facebook uses that to show you less posts from a person or page. Now Facebook wants to add an element to their algorithm to understand why you don't like certain posts.

If you hide ads on the website, Facebook asks you why you hid the ad. So expect the same thing to start  happening if you hide posts on the newsfeed.

Facebook hopes the new feature will help you see more things you want on your news feed. And less of what you don't (like those 'like' for Jesus, scroll for Satan posts).

(Huffington Post)