Evansville's Victory Theatre has just announced that they will be welcoming Get the Led Out and we have your chance to win tickets.

Led Zeppelin Tribute

Unlike other Led Zeppelin tribute bands, Get the Led Out has perfected its stage performance to sound just like the album recording of your favorite Led Zeppelin songs.

There are many acts out there performing the music of Led Zeppelin. Most are impersonator groups that mimic Zeppelin's live performances with the extended, improvisational versions of the songs. Others do a combination of this, and their own versions. In our humble opinion, Zeppelin's mythic status is mostly based on the overwhelming impact of their iconic studio recordings, and the public's insatiable desire to re-live, and re-experience those musical masterpieces over and over. Get The Led Out is the only act out there devoted to painstakingly recreating the songs in all their depth and glory. The GTLO concert experience is designed for those that want to play air guitar, air drums, air keyboards, and sing along all night to the greatest rock music ever made!
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Get the Led Out

The band tours regularly and currently has dates booked into March of 2024, including a stop in the River City on July 30th at the historic Victory Theatre. Tickets are on sale now at Ford Center Box Office and online through Ticketmaster (get them here).

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Of course, as your home for Everything That Rocks, we do have your chance to win a pair of tickets. Just fill out the form below. **Make sure you use an email address that you check because that is how we will notify the winners.

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