Bob Ross has become a pop culture legend. Now you can see where all of the magic was made.

Everyone knows who Bob Ross is. His iconic hair and catchphrases have stood the test of time. His show, "The Joy Of Painting" ran on public access television from 1983 to 1994. I love watching it on Netflix, Hulu, and Peacock. Something about watching Bob paint scenery is so enjoyable. Not to mention, his soothing demeanor also helps put you to sleep after a long hard day at work.

I've seen so many episodes of "The Joy Of Painting", but it wasn't until a few years ago that I learned something pretty fascinating about the show. Did you know that it was filmed here in Indiana? It's true, Muncie, Indiana was the home of "The Joy Of Painting" where so many "happy accidents" were made.

The show was filmed in the Lucius L. Ball house from 1983 to 1988, which is now an exhibit at the Minnetrista Museum & Gardens that you can actually tour.

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The Bob Ross Experience allows fans of Ross to take a look inside Bob's refurbished former studio where the show was filmed. You will be able to see some of his paintings that he made of the show, see his brushes and easel, and even try one of his shirts too. There are also several interactive experiences for you to take advantage of there, including a painting course by certified Bob Ross instructors.

For more information on the Bob Ross Experience, including hours, tickets, and more, please visit the Minnetrista Museum and Gardens website. You can also see a sneak peak inside the exhibit in the photos below.

Step Inside Bob Ross' Studio In Indiana

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