If you haven't visited Downtown Evansville in a while, you are really missing out. In addition to the packed calendar of events, there have been eleven new businesses open this year.

Get Ready for a New Lounge Experience

If you like to go out after work, but you feel like the Evansville bar scene is a little crowded with a younger crowd, this new lounge might be right for you. 7Mile Lounge is only for people ages 25 and up. I've never heard of a club like this. They have special theme nights, different styles of music, and other events planned too.

Why 25+?

Privately owned bars can set the age requirement higher if they want to. This is a fairly new trend, and in other cities, those people of a certain age really enjoy the older, more mature atmosphere. I found a similar club in Texas, and this review of Horizons & More sums it up pretty well:

"My first time there it was an amazing experience My girl Tiffany the bartender on point the atmosphere was nice and relaxing everyone was enjoying they self
This is the type of place for the Grown and Sexy and Handsome can come out and relax and enjoy themselves it gets all 10’s I’m book can’t wait to go back."


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Black & Blue Launch Party

If you are like me and you want to go to an event, but you have no idea what in the world are you supposed to wear, you are going to love this concept. Entry into the 7Mile Lounge Launch Party is a special black & blue shirt. Everyone will be wearing the same shirt that night. It's like the uniform of fun! Plus, it's just $20, and that is your ticket.

The 7Mile Lounge official Black & Blue T-Shirt will grant you free admission to the Black & Blue Party on November 26, 2022 8:00 PM-1:00 AM. This event will be full of live entertainment, drinks, DJ, Dancing, photos, and more!

Members Only 

Another unique perk about this new lounge is the membership opportunity. You can join as an individual or as a couple, and pay monthly or purchase a year-long membership.

See the perks and fill out an application HERE.

915 Main St Suite 101 Evansville, Indiana 47708

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