Steven Spielberg got his first professional gig in 1969, directing a segment of Rod Serling’s more horror-focused follow-up to The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery. At the time of filming, Spielberg was just 22 years old.

His Night Gallery was called “Eyes” and starred Hollywood legend Joan Crawford as a blind woman who spends a fortune on a surgery that temporarily restores her sight. This being a Rod Serling tale, the story does not have a happy ending. More than 50 years later, things have worked out significantly better for Spielberg — and for moviegoers, who’ve gotten to watch his work for half a century. At 74, he made his first musical, West Side Story, a bold and intelligent retelling of the popular Broadway musical and film.

For any other director, a movie as sharp and beautiful as West Side Story might rank at the very top of their filmography. For Spielberg, it doesn’t even crack the Top 10. That inspired us to look back at Spielberg’s entire career and rank all of his work. We did leave out that Night Gallery episode and his other early episodic TV work, but all of his TV movies were included, bringing the total to some 35 titles. From worst to best, they are...

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