Ann Dixon and Sue Gunselman live in a cute neighborhood on Lombard Ave. between Bellemeade and Washington Ave in Evansville. It's a popular area for runners and walkers, so they decided to give them something to smile at. Ann is a big fan of Halloween, so she pulled the skeletons out of the closet, and went to work.

They have been creating super fun scenes with their skeletons for almost a year, and they have been so entertaining. The skeletons even have their own Facebook page with almost 1,000 followers. In all of these months, no one has vandalized or stolen any of the skeletons, until now.

I hate to use the saying, 'This is why we can't have nice things', but it's true. Over the weekend, two of the members of the Skeleton Crew were stolen.

The Skeleton Crew are in mourning as two of their family members were stolen on Saturday from their Lombard address. We are very sad about this and have taken a couple of days off.
We appreciate your support.
The Skeleton Crew Owners

We spoke with Ann Dixon to get more information about this crime.

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Ann and Sue are using this as an opportunity to try and solve their own case. Amelia Scarehart and Eddie Deader are following leads, to find out who 'Bone-Napped' their family members.

Ann Dixon
Ann Dixon

I found a few different options on Amazon, if anyone would like to replace the skeleton family members.

Family Uses Skeleton Yard Crew to Bring Smiles in the Neighborhood


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