We know all too well that too many people right here in Evansville are suffering with food insecurity. Evans before the pandemic, way too many families go without full meals and snacks that most of us take for granted. Chase always adds his favorites like Goldfish, chips and fruit chews to our grocery list. Those little snack items get expensive, and I don't know how I would explain it to him, if we couldn't afford them.

Imagine not having the resources to keep your kids fed. Thankfully, during the pandemic, EVSC was able to offer free meals for any students that needed them. Emily Carter Millsap lives near two schools, and was moved to help out, in a unique way.

Evansville is home to several Little Free Libraries, now we have a Little Free Pantry. It's located in Emily's front yard. This is such a neat way to help take care of those in need right here in our community.

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Emily Carter Milsap Little Pantry
Emily Carter Milsap Little Pantry

She Saw a Need

Why did Emily feel moved to put a Free Little Pantry in her yard? Here's what she had to say:

"I live on Villa right by two elementary schools. I work from home so I’m here all the time. During Covid last year I noticed lines of cars waiting on my street to pick up food from the school. It touched me on such a deep and profound level. So, I set bottles of water out for folks while they were waiting. But it really stuck with me. I wanted to do more.

Food insecurity has only gotten worse since covid. I sit in my office at the house everyday see lots of traffic for school pick up and drop off, and I just wanted to help in some small way. So I spent some time doing some research on how I could do more to help and decided the little free pantry in my front yard was the easiest way to do just a little more. It functions just like the little free libraries.

It’s a “take what you need, leave what you can” arrangement. If a kiddo needs a snack walking home from school, or a family needs food for dinner, or deodorant, toothpaste, etc. it is there for them any time. It is really just something that has been on my heart for a year now to try and do more to help... so I did. As for others wanting to add it it, if a neighbor wants to add some boxes of Mac and cheese or whatever... they of course are welcome to do so as well."

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