An Indiana college student's TikTok has gone viral after she shares video of the 'unclaimed mail' pieces that she purchased in Evansville for $5 each. The original video currently has nearly 3.5 million views on the social platform.

In her post, TikTok user @Addisonhearrin shares footage of both the outside and inside of the store. It's a local liquidation store located on Evansville's west side. They put out merchandise in large bins and on Fridays and Saturdays every item is just $5. The store is closed on Sundays but on Mondays the remaining merchandise is sold off for only $3, $2 on Tuesdays, $1 on Wednesdays and any inventory remaining before Friday's restock is sold for a quarter a piece on Thursdays.

Now if you're like me, you're assuming that these items are probably store returns or charge-backs. After all, you can buy these types of items by the pallet. That is not uncommon, even from places like Amazon.

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What is so shocking about the video from @Addisongearrin is that what she is buying is - or was - someone's mail. These are USPS packages with addresses and everything. I'll be honest, my first thought was that this must be illegal. I mean, after all, tampering with mail is a federal crime. But, according to the video, these are items that were either refused or misaddressed in the first place, making them fair game.

So what kind of treasures did @Addisonhearrin find for $5? She spent about $25 total. Her video shows her opening and unpackaging a Nike sports bra and joggers, a pair of size 10 shoes, and most surprising is the orange box that she unwraps emblazoned with the name Louis Vuitton. While she didn't open the Louis box in the first video, she did open it in a second video where she shows off the cute little handbag that was inside. The comments speculate as to the authenticity of the handbag, but honestly, even if it is a knockoff, for $5 it's super cute. See the purse in her Part 2 video:

Most notably, the most comments on her video are from viewers scolding her for opening the packages with her mouth. In fact, she got so much feedback about the way she was opening them that she changed her bio to read,

I solemnly swear to never open a package with my mouth ever again

Check out her follow-up video below where she explains that she plans to talk to the store soon after creating more business for them with her viral video. If you are feeling adventurous, you can find details about Evansville's Treasure Hunt on their Facebook page here. There even host some online auctions too.

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