Ghostbusters is celebrating it's 35th anniversary by making a return to theaters


Ghostbusters is celebrating 35 years by returning to theaters for 2 nights only. Over 600 theaters across the US is showing the classic film for 2 nights only, and  AMC on Evansville's west side was on the list of theaters showing Ghostbusters.

According to there will even be a special introduction to each showing with newly unearthed, and rarely seen alternate takes. So you'll get to see something new too.

Ghostbusters is a classic, and even though it came out before I was born (honestly before I was even a thought to my parents) I grew up watching the movie and it's always been one of my favorites. In fact the quote "what did you do Ray!" was a staple in my household, that we repeated often.  The entire scene with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man still gets me.

And if you haven't seen Ghostbusters before...uhh hi where have you been the last 35 years?!  Check out the trailer below (or just check it out if you want to relive some of the laughs).





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