I knew you were up for a stroll down memory lane to one of the earliest all original bands in town. This band also released an album of all original music that got reissued by Monster Records 20 years after it came out.  It's Amulet I'm talking about here.

Founded in Evansville, IN, in the autumn of 1978, Amulet were a hard rock four-piece comprised of singer Cliff Hill, guitarist Bob Becker, bassist Paul Skelton, and drummer John Becker, whose short existence went largely unnoticed beyond Midwestern borders.. After cutting their teeth in local clubs as a covers band, Amulet began composing their own music, and by mid-1980 they had written enough good material. So, Amulet began recording for what would become their self titled, self-produced debut album. This contained some impressive blue-collar Midwestern hard rock, and managed to drum up some interest from record labels, especially hard rock-friendly Atlantic Records. But the band members were already on the outs with each other by then, and ultimately confirmed their not-ready-for-prime-time condition by breaking up just as their hard work was starting to bear fruit. Nevertheless, Amulet's increasingly rare vinyl LP gradually grew in legend among serious hard rock collectors, prompting its eventual reissue 20 years later by Texas-based Monster Records.

Photo courtesy Paul Skeltom
Photo courtesy Paul Skeltom

I remember them playing at a radio station promotion at Weslake.  If you know what that is then you no doubt know Amulet.

Their most well known song was "Just Like A Woman", and that video is at the top of the page.  Here's another one from that collector's item album.

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