It Takes a Village is in desperate need of fosters for their dogs. With the way things are with the COVID-19 outbreak, especially here loccally, shelters and rescues are feeling the heat.  Shelter pets aren't on top of mind currently, but rescues are still desperate for help. ITV has a creative way to get help, they're offering "drive thru" fostering.

They are offering limited contact fostering. You can help them by fostering a dog temporarily, while limiting contact with humans.  They ask that you check out their "animals in need of fosters" album on their Facebook page. When you find one that you want to help, fill out a foster application on ITV's website,  Then come to the rescue between 12P-5P, and call (812)909-1306 when you arrive.  They'll then bring the dog to you.

Please consider fostering during this time.  It'll give you a companion during the social distancing, and if you foster a dog, the dog will give you an excuse to maybe go outside and take a walk (we're still allowed to do that).  Plus it'll help take the pressure off local rescues.

Please consider helping if you can.

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