It Takes a Village No-Kill Rescue works hard to help the homeless pets of our community. I'd be lying if I said they didn't hold a special place in my heart as my dog George was adopted through them after they rescued him, and healed his mange.   But now It Takes a Village is needing help to pay off vet bills after helping two very sick dogs.

First up remember Zazu?  She came to Evansville Animal Control very malnourished and neglected. Thanks to the Spirit Medical Fund they were able to treat her, and It Takes a Village pulled her to their rescue to help her find her forever home. Unfortunately, Zazu had a bit of a rough time when she came to their care as she began having seizures. After going to the vet and having many tests done including an MRI, they found that Zazu suffers from hydrocephalus. She is on medicine that will hopefully help relieve the pressure on her brain, but they won't know for sure if it works for another 3 weeks. That being said Zazu's vet bills weren't cheap.

Now meet Loki. Lokie is a 4-month-old pup who is showing symptoms of Parvo.  If you know anything about having dogs, you know that Parvo is a very serious and oftentimes fatal virus. Here's what ITV said about Loki:

EMERGENCY! Loki is on his way to Highland Vet with Parvo symptoms. He is only 4 Months old and deserves a chance.
We have had so many medical emergencies in the last two weeks and we need help with vet bills.
Zazu the Boxer is being released today and will update later tonight but we are still $3000.00 short on her bill.
Any amount is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
As you can imagine, the multiple animals that they serve, as well as these two very sick dogs so close together, the vet bills are really piling up for It Takes a Village. If you're able please help them out by sparing a few bucks. Every little bit helps.  You can make a donation to help ITV cover vet bills, by clicking here. Also, be sure to follow It Takes a Village's Facebook page to keep up to date with these pups and their recoveries.

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