It Takes a Village is in need of a special foster home. One that has a little extra time and love to help out a mama dog in a rough spot.  Meet Nala, she's a a pregnant dog who is awaiting her puppies arrival. She will need a safe loving home to have her puppies in, and a home she can stay in with her puppies until they can be ready for adoption. She will have to be with her puppies to raise them for about 2 months until the puppies are old enough to be put up for adoption, which is 8-weeks of age.

Now here's where it also will get a bit tricky. Nala does good with other dogs, so that's not an issue. However she will need a separate space for just her and the puppies so she can care for them away from other dogs.  She also does not do well with cats.   Staff at ITV say that Nala is very laid back and is content to just chill with people. She's a people dog.


Nala is pregnant and due soon. We’re looking for a home where she can have her puppies and raise them for the next two months. She’s good with other dogs (but will need a separate space), but not cats. Kennel staff say she is very laidback and content to just chill with people.

Please email or complete a foster application online at

If you think you have the right home and can make the right accommodations for Nala and her pups, please fill out at foster application through It Takes a Village, by clicking here. 

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