The Evansville Rescue Mission is no stranger to caring for others. It's what they do. And this winter, they are doing even more. They recently constructed their Winter Warming Shelter as part of their "Stay Warm. Stay Safe. Program"

Winter in the Tristate can be brutal. Even for those properly dressed in a warm clothes, coat, hat and gloves when the temperatures drop and the wind picks up, being exposed to the elements can be dangerous, even deadly. Many of our shelters across the Tristate take part in White Flag program - it's a way to signify that the temperatures are just too cold and that all are welcome at the shelter to spend the night. But what about during the day when it's cold? That's where the Evansville Rescue Mission's Winter Warming Shelter comes into play.

According to a post on social media, Although The Evansville Rescue Mission's Winter Warming Shelter will be open to men, women and children, it will only be open on White Flag days when the temperature or the wind chill are 32 degrees or below and during the hours of 8am - 7pm. Inside the shelter, a military-grade tent provided by the Evansville Police Department, those in need will be able to pick up one of the Grab-n-Go meals that the rescue provides three times a day, as well as a living room area. After 7pm, the ERM has partnered with the CK Newsome Center's white flag program to provide overnight lodging for those in need. The Evansville Rescue Mission, along with their Winter Warming Shelter, are located at 500 E. Walnut Street in Evansville.

If you would like to help the Evansville Rescue Mission continue to provide food and shelter for those in need, you can safely make a donation by texting StayWarm to 313131.

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