Hard Copies located in Eastland Mall will be shutting their doors.

It's always such a bummer to hear about a store closing, especially a store that sells records.  There's just something special about physical media, and being able to pick up a record, see the album art, and throw it on the turntable (well, gently, you get the idea).  So it's been really cool to see the vinyl resurgence the last few years and seeing record stores make a comeback.  Needless to say the news of Hard Copies closing definitely put a bummer on my Monday morning.

Here's their official statement from the Hard Copies Facebook page:

Attention Evansville Hard Copies Customers! It's with a heavy heart that I have to announce the Hard Copies Evansville is shutting it's doors for good and will not be reopening. If you are a local band and have some of your merch in our store you can stop by and pick it up or get a hold of me through FB and I will make sure you get your stuff back. I appreciate our loyal customers and will miss seeing all of you! Our Marion IL store will remain open. Thanks for a great and fun 3 years!!! Everyone stay safe and Rock On!!!
Scott Dale

You can follow their page for any further updates they may have.

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