Fall Festival is this week, and crowds will be flocking to Franklin Street. The EPD reminds parents of ways to be vigilant to help keep kids safe.


The Fall Festival is a week full of fundraising, and huge crowds on Franklin Street. With the crowds of course comes safety concerns. EPD does a great job at making sure the Fall Festival is a fun and safe event,  but here's some tips they've shared to help make the event a little safer for little ones.

A few of their tips include:

  • Discuss the crowds with your child beforehand so they know what to expect.
  • Take a photo of your child before you go to the Fall Festival so you have an updated photo and what they're wearing.
  • Point out Police Officers and Nut Club members to your child in case they get lost, they know they can trust those adults to help them.

You can see the rest of EPD's Fall Festival safety tips below, have a fun and safe Fall Festival week!

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