A Twitter user known only by the name, Sir Quan, (@PopeQuanPaul), caused the cancellation of the men's baseball game against Austin Peay State University on Tuesday after sending tweets to the UE Athletic Department earlier in the day alluding to possible violence at the game.

Around noon on Tuesday, Sir Quan posted the following tweet:

(Sir Quan / Twitter)

This was followed roughly an hour later with a similarly threatening tweet directed at the Evansville Police Department.

(Sir Quan / Twitter)

After meeting with police at Braun Stadium, school officials announced the cancellation of the game around 5:15, followed by a written statement by UE’s vice president of student affairs/dean of students, Dana Clayton which read,

In light of yesterday’s tragic events in Boston, we are taking this extraordinary measure as our first priority is the safety and security of our students and guests...We will continue to work with the EPD to evaluate the situation.

Somewhere between 2-3am this morning, Sir Quan seemed to be relishing the attention with this tweet:

(Sir Quan / Twitter)

The link provided takes you to Quan's, via.me account which appears to be a Pintrest-type social media site, where Sir Quan, going by the name Crispus Attucks on the Via account, shared this image with the caption, "Y'all think Imma get in trouble foe this?" (sic).

(Crispus Attucks / via.me)

At this time, it is unknown if the EPD have been able to track down the individual for questioning. If you have any information regarding Sir Quan's whereabouts, contact the Evansville Police Department tip line at (812) 435-6194, or e-mail them at info@evansvillepolice.com.

[Source: Evansville Courier and Press]