My plan for this article was to write about how Pizza Hut is giving away 500,000 free pizzas as a way to honor 2020 graduates (you can find that info if you scroll down a wee bit). I was on the Hut's corporate Facebook page, looking for more information, when something even more exciting caught my eye. What could be more exciting than free pizza?! Well, I saw that a Pizza Hut owner right here in Evansville was getting a shout out from the Hut head honchos.

The Pizza Hut owner is Crystal Ford and she is being recognized for keeping her team safe during the quarantine by providing dozens of homemade masks.

I can't even imagine the extra burden that someone in Crystal's position is feeling during this pandemic.Of course she wants to keep her doors open and she wants to do everything she can to make customers feel safe and, but she also has to consider the well being of her employees. All of us here at MY105.3 want to join Pizza Hut in showing our appreciation for Crystal!

It's obvious from some of the Facebook comments that Crystal is loved, supported respected and appreciated on a local level too.

"She was the best boss ever!!" - Sophie-Marie Schuldig

"Crystal is the best area coach we’ve ever had!!!" - Marina Fortes

"Amazing, but not surprising at all. Kudos Crystal!" - Matt Roberts

"I love my mask from my bff, Crystal!!" - Sarah Demko

"Great job!!! Awesome Crystal!" - María Belen Bulleri

How 2020 Graduates Can Get a FREE Pizza

Pizza Hut's Graduation Free Pizza Offer will provide half a million free medium 1-topping pizzas for 2020 graduates. Follow the link below to try and claim that free pie!

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