The Evansville Police Department has asked for the help of the public to identify two suspects believed to be involved in a catalytic converter theft caught on camera in an Evansville area parking lot.

The footage shared by the Evansville Police Department to their official Facebook page shows two suspects traipsing through the shadows under the cover of darkness as they make their way to the far side of small car in the parking lot. The video then shows the suspects jacking up the vehicle and you then see them walk away with the catalytic converter.

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The theft took place in a parking lot in the 1000 block of Mary Street. Evansville Police ask that if you have any information regarding the identity of the two individuals seen in the video footage, that you contact the EPD Auto Theft Unit at 812-436-7967.

If you're wondering why someone would want to steal a catalytic converter, the device on modern cars that works to remove toxic gasses and pollutants from emissions before being expelled by the vehicle, it turns out, according to AllState Insurance, catalytic converters contain precious metals including palladium, rhodium, and even platinum - all of which carry a pretty hefty monetary value. To learn more about catalytic converter theft, you can read more at

If you'd like to learn how to prevent yourself and your vehicle from becoming a target for catalytic converter theft, the Evansville Police Department has offered some tips on how to protect yourself against these thieves. You can find their list of suggestions in our article, Evansville Police Offer Tips on How to Protect Your Vehicle from Catalytic Converter Theft.

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