Each month the Evansville Police Department names an Officer of the Month. For the month of June 2020, they've named two officers for saving a man's life and who have done an outstanding job at "keeping it together under pressure," according to a statement from the EPD.

The two officers, Barnes and Reidford  were dispatched on June 13, 2020 to a car accident near Highway 41 and Covert Avenue. The accident involved two gunshot victims a male driver and female passenger. The man was injured and bleeding but was attempting to drive himself to the emergency room when he passed out behind the wheel due to the large amount of blood loss that he sustained from his injuries. The vehicle flipped upside down in the crash. According to the EPD,

Officers Barnes and Reidford arrived on scene and found the male lying face up in the roadway in a large puddle of blood. He had multiple gunshot wounds to his left leg. Lying next to him was the passenger with a gunshot wound to her left leg. They assisted the Evansville Fire Department with applying two tourniquets to the driver’s legs and waited for an ambulance to arrive.

The driver lost a lot of blood before going into surgery. It is undisputed that both officers were instrumental in saving this man’s life by applying tourniquets and stopping the bleeding before he bled out.

The officers saved the man's life by staying cool under pressure and administering life saving aid using department issued equipment.

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