If you've ever been to the Fall Festival on Franklin Street then you know the delicacy that is Donut Bank Burgers.  If you've never had one, you are sleeping on a delicious treat! They take a glazed donut, cut it in half and serve a hamburger patty with cheese on it. It sounds gross. I was very hesitant the first time I tried one, but after the first bite, it was soooo delicious.

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Whether you're a classic Donut Bank burger fan and are used to grabbing one every year down at the Fall Festival, or you've always wanted to try one, your next chance to get one is happening July 17th at Bosse Field. Here's what the Evansville Otters posted to their Facebook page:


Tomorrow, July 17, we will be selling Donut Bank Burgers at Bosse Field! Come try this Fall Fest favorite early and catch some baseball while you’re at it!
Gates open at 5:30 so make sure you get here early to snag this special before it’s all gone!
Now you don't have to wait until October to get your Donut Bank Burger fix! However you may have to stand in line to get on at Bosse Field, but worth it! On Saturday, July 17th the Evansville Otters will be taking on the Southern Illinois Miners. If you want to buy tickets ahead of time online you can do so by clicking here.
In fact back in 2015 I was down at the Fall Festival when I worked for 103 GBF's sister station 99.5 WKDQ, and I got to try the burger, and I think my reaction tells you everything you need to know about these burgers.

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