Baseball is back in Evansville at historic Bosse Field as the Otters gear up for an exciting 2021 season. Last Friday the Otters played the first game at Bosse Field in 615 days. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Otters made the tough call to cancel their 2020 season, so it's very exciting to see them back this year!

Their home opener will take place on May 29th, where the Otters will rock their new uniforms. This past March, the Evansville Otters unveiled a brand new logo. In a press conference, it was said the new logo will honor both the past and present at Bosse field. I think the new logo has a very vintage feel to it, especially with the font, but the look of the otter has a very modern feel, so I think they definitely hit the nail on the head here. You can see the new logo below. Of course with a revamping of the team logo, there needed to be new uniforms as well which were unveiled on May 17th.

The new uniforms definitely stick to the vintage feel and the blue is meant to be a call back to when the Evansville Triplets were around. The new home uniform is white with a blue "Otters" across the front, and the hat will have a blue "E" on it.  The grey uniform is their road set which is grey with a blue "Evansville" across the front. The alternate uniform is the blue set which will be utilized at home games and on the road, it is blue with a white "Otters" across the front.

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It's really great to see baseball back at Bosse Field, and I can't wait to cheer on the Evansville Otters during their 2021 season.  One of my favorite parts about summertime in the Tri-State is getting to spend a warm evening at Bosse Field, and I look forward to doing that again this summer.

See the Evansville Otters New Logo

The Evansville Otters are ready for baseball season, and they're starting 2021 off with a new logo!

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