On the hunt for creative items to stuff inside Easter eggs for the little scavengers in your life? I can help put an end to your search with these egg-cellent Easter Egg treat ideas! With the help of an Evansville-based moms' Facebook group I've come across some fantastic ideas ready to hop into egg-finders basket's this Easter. (See what I did there? Puns intended!)


Several snacks that are chocolate free that can fit within the confines of plastic Easter eggs such as the following:

Easter Egg/Basket Ideas for Children and Teens

There are limitless ideas of other items to place inside easter eggs, and it is not always geared towards the littles, teens, and tweens can still gain some enjoyment from this holiday tradition as well. Here are some ideas for all age ranges of things to pack inside those eggs!

Another fun idea is DIY I-owe-you notes/coupons, for example, you can write different outings, goodies, or adventures for future use. Some fantastic homemade I owe you ideas are:

  • A trip out for an ice cream cone
  • A visit to the zoo
  • 1 hour at the local park
  • a $10 shopping trip to $5 and below or other retailers 
  • Game night
  • a "You pick the Movie" like a DVD or from a streaming provider
  • Pizza Night
  • No Chores for one day

Finally, if you still aren't inspired, make a scavenger hunt. For years, I've put clues in plastic eggs and placed them around the house. One clue leads to another so you have to be on your game. At the end, she finds her Easter basket. But, it's much cheaper than filling them with junk or candy and she has a great time.

Get creative, there are so many fantastic things you can do with a fun and spiritually important holiday such as Easter. The best gift of all however is time and your presence. 

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