I love seeing good news on FaceBook, and when that happens, I have to share it with everyone! My friend, Kristy shared a post from Davida Kaye Flaherty, and with her permission, here is her good news story:

July 26, 2019

I have never been so emotional at a McDonald’s in my life.
This woman who was homeless came in for an interview at the McDonald’s on South Green River and got the job, right?
After the interview was over and the manager came to her and gave her her schedule for the week she couldn’t hold in her excitement and was telling the manager how excited she was to start and the manager told her she was just as excited to have her.
The manager asked her if she wanted a drink to which she responded, “please.”
She sat there for a minute before she was going to head to the bus stop and this man in the light blue shirt came up to her and congratulated her on her job with the biggest, most genuine smile on his face.
He asked her if she was hungry and told her he saw her sitting on the side of the road a while ago and he understood her struggle.
She told him she was hungry and he then walked up to the front with her and stood with her while she ordered and paid for her meal. He told her goodbye and left with happiness radiating off of him.
He didn’t wait for her meal and milkshake to come out to take a picture and post it for himself. He did this with no expectations of gratitude or any kind of thanks.
This was a genuine good deed and it warmed my heart to see it.

Please share this so I can possibly personally thank this man for bringing a little bit of kindness into this sometimes cruel world.

If you know who this kind man is, please email me, and I will let Davida know. Liberty@MY1053WJLT.com

Davida Kaye Flaherty FB
Davida Kaye Flaherty FB
Davida Kaye Flaherty FB
Davida Kaye Flaherty FB

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